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Infrastructure works

  • Surface water / storm water gully Connections.
  • Sewerage network civil works.
  • Live house connections.
  • Surface drainage civil works.
  • Septic Tank.
  • PVC Pipe lying and execution.
  • Trenches and backfilling.
  • Interlock works.
  • Kerbstone fixing.

Building Construction

  • Concrete Works
  • Formwork
  • Pavement
  • Plastering
  • Painting Works.
  • Steel Structure.
  • Tiling works for internal building areas.
  • External Marble wall cladding.
  • Paint

HSE Plan

 Health & Safety

Health & Safety hazard / risk associated with the work are thoroughly looked after:

  1. All workers and staff involved on site are completely trained and informed of the safety hazards that may occur during the project.
  2. All workers and site staff shall use complete PPE equipment.
  3. All workers and site staff are properly trained and given prior safety training/ education.
  4. All excavated areas are properly cordoned off by the site staff or workers to ensure safety.
  5. Work zones are properly monitored prior to starting work each day.


Environment hazard / risks associated with work are planned out with the local/site HSE officers and are abide by the site staff and workers strictly.

  1. Disposal of waste / surplus materials.
  2. All waste from the executed work shall be collected and disposed of at the local on-site waste drum.
  3. No waste will be deposited in the ground, water or buried on site.
  4. Containers will not be re-used for any other purpose.

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